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Pottsville Golf Club

2023 / 2024 Membership Fees

Half Membership

$350.00 Discounted Green Fees $10.00 for 9 holes

Full Membership

$650.00 Includes Green Fees

Members receive discounted motorised cart hire



Membership with the Pottsville Golf Club entitles you to a Golf Australia Official AGU golf handicap with Golf Link Card, and includes registration with Golf NSW and affiliation with the Northern Rivers District Golf Association / Womens Golf Northern Rivers.


A Golf Australia handicap is recognized Australia wide and also at many international courses.


To obtain a Golf Australia handicap you must submit three nine hole stroke cards which must be marked and signed by a player already holding an AGU handicap.  Once you have forwarded your three cards to our staff you will be allocated your official handicap. 

You are then eligible to play in all golf club events which are displayed on our notice board.

In order to have your handicap updated you must play in official competitions at any golf course.  To check your handicap simply go to and type in your Golf Link number and your current handicap will be displayed.

All Golf courses affiliated with Golf Australia have a Slope Rating and the Slope Rating for Pottsville Golf Course is 96.  The Slope Rating is a measure of how much the difficulty of a course increases for the handicap of the golfer.  The Slope Rating determines how many handicap strokes you get from a specific set of tees.  The Scratch Rating is what your score is compared against when it is processed for handicapping.


​Pottsville Golf Club is designed for single and group players.  If you are a single player simply come prior to 8:00am  on any Saturday and you  will be able to join in with other members.  Alternatively provided there at least two players in a group who both hold an AGU handicap you can play at any time on the day.




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